Vtoo.2 Chase Week. Day One, June 6th, 2010

9:12 am in Storm Chase VToo.2, Storm Chasing by Ted Keller

This was a long day!  It started with a wake-up of around 4 am as a long drive was in store; all the way to northeastern Colorado!  The goal was to meet Annette from Artbeats somewhere in that region by afternoon.

After crossing into Colorado, storms could be seen popping up everywhere.  Some were to the right of I-70 forming along a small boundary in Nebraska.  Others were firing in the foothils straight ahead.  After a careful review of the meteorology and radar trends and considering vehicle logistics, we set the staging and overnight stay town as Sterling, Colorado.

On the way north toward Sterling, a rather impressive supercell could be seen approaching the town from the west.  It was looking so good in fact that Annette was called out in the field from Sterling in fear that the delay in the vehicle exchange would cost the loss of some great footage!  This was a good decision it turned out, here is a small clip of that storm in 10x time lapse.

The overall problem with regard to getting a tornado to form was a lack of low level moisture and a somewhat mediocore surface wind field.  That same lack of moisture did provide the classic open window so to speak on all mid and low level rotations as seen in the time lapse.

As it turns out, and as is often the case with tornadoes, the storms that did generate a tornado were along that boundary I mentioned in Nebraska.

After the Sterling storm, we all headed south.  The left-moving split of a storm crossed in from of us and dumped some slushy but sizeable hail on us and also produce a vivid rainbow off to the east as it passed.  We pursued the right mover of this cell to a tornado-warned Akron, CO with no tornado produced.

We actually ended up going back north along highway 63, then back south to Akron and beyond and finally back north to Sterling to finish the day.

All in all, we followed three tornado-warned storms.