Ninety-Degree Stretch To End, Barely

6:54 am in Forecast Discussion by Ted Keller

Weather Map @ 4 am Saturday

Today (Saturday) will likely be the 11th day in a row with a high temperature of ninety or higher in Springfield.  The hottest day of this run was last Sunday when we hit 95.  It will be the 24th time we have been in the nineties this summer.

A front is dropping down over Missouri today and this system should knock our temperatures down a little on Sunday and for the first few days of next week.

The front is expected to generate rain and storms later this afternoon in northern Missouri which will slowly drop into our area tonight and Sunday. 

General rainfall totals could exceed 3/4 of an inch in areas roughly north and west of a line  from Joplin to Stockton to Warsaw later tonight and early Sunday.

This front will move south of us early next week but will quickly lose its definition.  The cooling will come from persistent areas of clouds and rain/storm areas which form near this feature.  Also, the remnants of T.D. “Bonnie” will play into this somewhat with differences in where the rain might be maximized showing up in computer weather models.  The graph shown highlights major difference in temperature on Tuesday owing to differences in precipitation. The reddish and blue-ish colors representing two different models with the red indicating cooler temperatures on this day because of more clouds and rain.

Temperatures Trying to Back Off