Snow in Missouri Mid-Week?

9:36 am in Forecast Discussion, The Ozarks by Ted Keller

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Surface pressure and humidity at 6 pm Wednesday

A “clipper” low is one which comes out of the northwest over the central U.S.  Besides being fun to say, clipper lows are usually fast-moving (the name) and don’t normally produce a lot of precipitation.

We have a clipper coming toward Missouri/Arkansas by mid-week.  It’s main effect will be to spread light precipitation in the form of rain over the state.  It is not uncommon for such systems to lay down winter precipitation north of their track provided enough cold air is available.

Wednesday’s clipper might have enough chilly air coming in behind it to produce some light winter precipitation in northern Missouri.  It is unlikely to deliver a snow like last Saturdays’ in Iowa and Minnesota but a rain/snow mix is not impossible along with some minor snow accumulation.

Latest computer models suggest up to a half inch of rain may fall over portions of the Ozarks with most areas getting much less on Wednesday and Wednesday evening.