Today’s Winter Junk

9:23 am in Forecast Discussion by Ted Keller

9 am Temperatures

After hours of tornado warnings yesterday with possible touchdowns, we have been flung into the icebox today!

Area temperatures have fallen to right around freezing or just below in portions of the Ozarks.  Meanwhile, precipitation echoes are still showing up on radar.  Since the arctic air has undercut warmer air aloft, the precipitation is falling as rain or freezing rain if the temperature is at or below freezing.

So, technically, ice could form on surfaces this morning.  But because of recent warm temperatures, marginal cold and light precipitation, a major accumulation of ice is not expected.

As the cold air gets deeper, a transition to more of a sleet or snow will occur.  Again, totals are expected to be light, under half an inch.

A winter weather advisory is in effect for much of the Ozarks.  I’ll bring you the latest tonight on KOLR and KSFX!