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  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Faucet Turned Off!   6 years, 11 months ago · View

    ThumbnailBack in September, the official rainfall for Springfield was close to a foot which ranked tied for third on the all-time wettest September list. October has reversed this pattern, it looks like the month will finish on Halloween night with just over one inch of rain. The last weekend of the month looks dry and warm [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Freeze then Nice Weekend!   6 years, 11 months ago · View

    ThumbnailA freeze warning is in effect for all of the Ozarks tonight as temperatures plummet into the twenties in some places. High pressure will settle in Friday morning.  The timing is such that the center of the high will be right over the Ozarks during the coldest portion of the night. Temperatures will be cold enough [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Killing Freeze?   6 years, 11 months ago · View

    Thumbnail It looks like Friday morning will be the coldest of the season so far but how cold and will it be the killing freeze of the season? This is a radiational cooling freeze meaning the air will be much colder at the ground than it is aloft. Radiational cooling takes place every night as heat radiation [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Tornadic Supercell Near Richmond, VA!   6 years, 11 months ago · View

    Tornadic supercell with a hook echo passes over the northern Richmond, VA area. Tornado report at Mechanicsville, VA.

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Record Low Pressure!   6 years, 11 months ago · View

    Thumbnail Not since the Superstorm of 1993 has a low pressure system over the United States achieved such a low central barometric pressure! From the National Weather Service: “New record set today for the lowest pressure in a non-tropical storm in the mainland U.S. The massive storm system barreling across the central U.S. had a minimum [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Severe Storm Front   6 years, 11 months ago · View

    Thumbnail The Severe Local Storms (SLS) Conference is held once every two years.  It’s sponsored by the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and its purpose is to bring together scientists, researchers, forecasters and anyone else involved in severe local storms.  This meeting, held in Denver this time around, comes on the heels of a huge tornado research project.  Vortex [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Staying Dry   6 years, 11 months ago · View

    ThumbnailWell the weather has been quiet lately to be sure! This has led to a stretch of dry weather. After the second wettest September on record in which portions of the Ozarks received over a foot and a half of rain, the pattern has settled down and is coming more into line with a typical October. With [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Igor Snail Trail   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Hurricane Igor was a large hurricane with a category four intensity at its peak.  If there was ever any doubt that tropical storms and hurricanes are fueled by warm ocean water, take a look at this image! The image is Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies.  Simply put, it is water temperature where cooler than normal is shown [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Where is Matthew Headed?   7 years ago · View

    ThumbnailTropical storm Matthew formed in the southern Caribbean yesterday. The big question is: where is this storm headed? This storm has an interesting future.  It’s path will be affected greatly by the development of a “cut-off” low in the upper atmosphere early next week which should be sitting over the Mississippi Valley.   This feature might not  ”grab” Matthew [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Hurricane Update   7 years ago · View

    ThumbnailThis is really a follow-up to a post from last week in which I highlighted a possible hurricane affecting the mainland U.S. toward the end of the month which is late next week. Well, the possibility is still there.  The latest computer model run puts this storm near Florida around October 1st, a tad later than I had [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Super Harvest Moon 2010!   7 years ago · View

    ThumbnailTonight, a semi-rare astronomical event occurs, a full moon on the same day is the autumnal equinox. First, the full moon will be listed at Thursday, September 23rd because it it reaches its fullest point in the wee hours of Thursday morning.  But moonrise tonight will be closer to the full moon than Thursday’s thereby making it [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: The Start of Fall   7 years ago · View

    ThumbnailThe Autumnal Equinox: it is a point in the earth’s orbit around the sun at which neither the northern or southern hemisphere is receiving more direct sunlight. Does one hemisphere ever receive a greater or lesser share of the sun’s radiant energy?  Sure!  Because the earth has, for our purposes, a constant tilt with the plane of its [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Darn that Sun!   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail As we approach the Autumnal Equinox (Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 10:09 pm CDT), watch your driving on east-west roads because the sun will be a real pain! This is because the two equinoxes we have each year, the sun is rising (setting) very close to due east (west).  It is exactly east and west [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Tornadic Week   7 years ago · View

    ThumbnailWe’ve had a lot of noteworthy tornadoes last week in the U.S. On Wednesday, September 15th, severe storms sprang up violently over portions of southcentral and southeastern Kansas.  Discrete supercell storms produced both tornadoes and extremely large hail. In fact, a new state record for large hail may be threatened in Kanasa as a result of these storms.  [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Egads Bermuda, Igor!   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail Bermuda is under a hurricane warning as strong and large hurricane Igor moves in this weekend. Sustained winds at this writing were at 105 mph with gusts to 127 mph making Igor a category 2 storm on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Igor is a large hurricane with tropical storm-force winds extending out 345 from the center of the storm. [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: EF0 Tornado/Wind Damage Wednesday Evening   7 years ago · View

    ThumbnailThe Springfield National Weather Service performed damage surveys today and determined an EF0 tornado touched down southwest of Nixa Wednesday evening.  Here is the storm report . Additionally, a mircroburst produced wind damage west of Turners.  Several other microbursts were reported in Rogersville and near Fordland. I have radar data processing and will update this story tomorrow. Event summary page from [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Gulf Hurricane?   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail After weeks of watching powerful hurricanes largely miss the mainland U.S., could the Gulf of Mexico catch one late this month? I’m typing this as three hurricanes churn in the Atlantic basin.  Julia is the farthest east.   Igor is still powerful and quite large and still threatens Bermuda this weekend.  Karl is has crossed the Yucatan Peninsula and is [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Rain, Rain, Rain   7 years ago · View

    ThumbnailWith yesterday’s rain total of 1.58″, our September total jumped to 10.69″. So in one day, we moved from 7th to 4th on the all-time wettest September list for Springfield! The years ahead of 2010 are 1975, 1986 and 1993 in 3rd, 2nd and 1st.  It would be hard to push into all-time wettest because the 1993 [...]

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Wichita Hail and Severe Storms   7 years ago · View


    Link to the Wichita NWS report

    Some of the hail video I’ve saved under Favorites in my YouTube account.

  • Ted Keller wrote a new blog post: Flash Flood and Severe Threats Tonight   7 years ago · View

    Thumbnail A flash flood watch is in effect for a good chuck of the Missouri portion of the Ozarks for the rest of the night. Severe storms over Kansas are forming a line which will produce heavy rain. Hardest hit will be areas northwest of Springfield in Barton and St. Clair counties which have received some [...]

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