Pre-1950 Tornadoes 

Tornado Tracks 1880-1949

Work has been completed on extracting valuable information about pre-1950 tornadoes in the Ozarks from the excellent publication “Significant Tornadoes: 1640-1991″ compiled by Tom Grazulis of The Tornado Project.

The data listed in the book is very detailed.  But the tornado paths are not listed in latitude and longitude, a form which would make them viewable in GIS programs such as Google Earth.

Lauren Breedlove, an intern during the spring of 2010, converted these paths into the necessary format.  This is painstaking work which has been completed!   Soon, we will write up a small paper discussing the work and showing the data.  The file is now available to anyone who wants to view it in .kmz format for Google Earth.  Download it here.

Now, to get the complete picture, download the 1950 to present set which already exists at the Storm Prediction Center.

Special thanks to Jake Lipanovich for his assistance with the data conversion.

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