Weekend Snow

8:07 am in The Ozarks, Winter Weather by Ted Keller

Weather Map at 6pm Saturday.

A weekend snow?  It seems more likely for a portion of the Ozarks as of this morning.

In yesterday’s blog, I was commenting on the reliability of the various runs of a long-range computer model I look at a lot.  Over the past 24 hours, four “runs” have come out and they all converge on a low track which is more southerly (the one that looked least likely yesterday!).  This means an accumulating snow is more likely, especially for the western, northern and central portion of Missouri. 

It is still way too early to nail down specifics.  And, at this distance, only one model has good output.  I’ll be watching this situation!  It looks like a late Saturday event.

NOTE: latest run still showing this feature!